The owner of a major North Yorkshire tourist attraction and former Tory Party donor is throwing his weight behind Reform UK on July 4.

Gordon Gibb, who owns Flamingo Land, is backing Mark Robinson, the Reform UK candidate for Thirsk and Malton.

Mr Gibb said: “I am an extremely disillusioned Tory party major donor, member of the leaders group and ex Tory voter.

"I have decided to change my attention to a party that is offering something different and original.

"The Westminster way is broken and I know with Reform that Immigration will be reduced alongside our collective tax burden.

"The Tories have had 14 years to do something about these 2 very important issues and have failed miserably.

"We need change desperately!"

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Mr Robinson said: “Flamingo Land is a significant local employer and an essential part of the local economy.

“Reform UK’s tax pledges would benefit many Flamingo Land employees and visitors, removing PAYE under £20k, and giving customers more money to spend.

“Reform UK proposes a bonfire of unnecessary bureaucratic rules and red tape stifling business.

“Energy bills for businesses will be cut by removing green levies from fuel bills and taking advantage of the untold energy resources available on these islands, making us self-sufficient in energy.

“This will reduce fuel bills by a substantial margin, both for businesses and for the population generally.

“People will be incentivised to go to work, and Flamingo Land visitors will have more money to spend. A win-win.

“Reform is a party that promotes traditional family values, and supports our cultural and local identity, and a work ethic.

“This can only help instil an atmosphere of goodwill and a sense of belonging among the population.

“This positivity can only be good for business, encouraging people to visit Flamingo Land and encouraging staff to go to work.

“This will help restore a feeling of local and national pride, which has been lost.”

The other candidates for Thirsk and Malton are: Lisa Banes (Labour Party), Luke Browlee (Yorkshire Party), Kevin Hollinrake (Conservative Party), Steve Mason (Liberal Democrat Party), Richard McLane (Green Party).