Kemps Books is thrilled to announce that Paul Holbrook is the writer that they have decided to champion in the 2024 Kemps Independent Writers’ Initiative.

Paul lives locally with his family and works full time for Ryedale Special Families, in his spare time he crafts the most dark and thrilling stories.

Kemps owner Liz Kemp said: " It is obvious from his writing that Paul spends a lot of time researching the background for his novels which are rooted in darkest Victorian London. He has a passion and lifelong interest in gaslight murders, particularly Jack the Ripper, and owns up to having pretty much every book written on the subject.

"Paul is also interested in Finnish mythology and the influence from the Kalevala is evident in Domini Mortum and its prequel Momento Mori. The book Paul submitted for the initiative, Domini Mortum, is a supernatural murder mystery novel set in late Victorian London. The story is absolutely gripping and has so many twists and turns it will leave you reeling! The story’s protagonist Samuel Weaver is a flawed character whose fascination with murderer Sibelius Darke leads him to tread a dangerous path that leads to loss and personal tragedy. Paul is currently working on more books, and we cannot wait to read them.

"Come and meet Paul on Saturday 22nd June at 1pm at Kemps Books in Malton where he will tell you all about Domini Mortum, his future writing plans, and happily sign a book for you."