North Yorkshire firefighters went to the rescue of small four-footed creatures  – twice.

First to need the assistance of North Yorkshire’s specialist rescuers was a squirrel that got stuck between the roof of a house in Moat Way, Brayton and some guttering before 11am.

Selby firefighters used their triple extension ladder to reach the rodent climbing specialist and bring it safely back down to ground. They left it with a local family in a happy and unharmed condition.

The RSPCA had called them out when the animal protection charity was unable to rescue the squirrel itself.

Five hours later in Barrowcliff Road, Scarborough, the seaside town’s firefighters went to the rescue of a smaller four-footed creature.

They freed a kitten that had got stuck behind some kitchen units. This time they used small tools to reunite the young feline with its owner.