YOUNG runners are taking part in this weekend's Kirkbymoorside 10k this Sunday to raise funds for a Ryedale-based charity.

The youngsters, aged 11, 10 and just three, are taking on the challenge to raise funds for Kick Rexi Out.

The charity was set up by mum, Donna Foster, after one of her daughters was diagnosed with anorexia a couple of years ago.

She said: "We knew nothing of this illness, but boy it ripped through our family at speed.The anorexia in our house became known as “Rexi”. She was like another person taking over our daughters’ thoughts and actions. Rexi is vile and very nasty. Rexi made our daughter extremely poorly. Unfortunately, our daughter was admitted into a specialist unit over 2.5 hrs away from home.

Having our daughter admitted was the last resort, but it saved her life!

"I am passionate about helping other families whose children have an eating disorder. There is no help out there, I believe that support at the beginning can save families from going through what we are going through.

We have a wonderful army of people who like our family want to help others too. Our daughter is now home, after spending 8 months in the specialist unit, however this doesn’t mean she is cured. This illness doesn’t just disappear. So let’s join the fight together to try and “Kick Rexi out” of children’s live."

To sponsor the children go to