THE drama set to be filmed in York next week has been revealed.

As The Press revealed earlier today, filming for a new drama is set to take place in York next week.

City of York Council say filming will start at 7.30am on Tuesday (April 23) 2024 and ending just before midnight on Monday, April 29 with a raft of accompanying road closures.

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Residents and businesses in the streets where filming is set to take place have had letters from from production company Eagle Eye Drama, to say they will be filming a detective drama called Patience.

Elsewhere trade press has reported that the six-part series will feature Breaking Bad star Laura Fraser, who played Lydia Rodarte-Quayle in the final season of the show, and Malpractice‘s Ella Maisy Purvis as a detective duo.

Fraser will play Detective Bea Metcalf, who forms an unlikely duo with Purvis’ young autistic police archivist, Patience Evans and all set against a York backdrop.

Gazette & Herald: Laura FraserLaura Fraser

They say Patience works in the criminal records department of Yorkshire Police, cataloguing and filing the evidence produced during major cases, and is a brilliant, self-taught criminologist with an instinctive eye for crime scenes and a passion for problem-solving. And Metcalf is the first person to spot and utilize Patience’s talent, which opens a door into a whole new world for the archivist.

The schedule for filming means that on Tuesday (April 23) Precentor's Court opposite York Minster will be closed from 8.30am-4pm with Minster Yard being the next location to close from 4pm-6.15pm
and then from 6.30pm-7.30pm High Petergate and Low Petergate will close to traffic and pedestrians.

Gazette & Herald: High Petergate in YorkHigh Petergate in York

The letter to businesses and residents says that they will be using one of the properties in Precentor's Court as the home for one of the drama's main characters with the street closed off for filming to take place for much of the day. 

The following day filming moves to Monkgate throughout the morning with a road closure in the morning and from 12.45pm - 4pm crews will be in Stonegate before moving on to Blake Street then from 6pm-8pm they'll be in Duncombe Place outside the Minster, which will be closed off.

On Thursday (April 25) they'll be in the Victorian Claremont Terrace off Gillygate which will be closed from 8.30am-10.15am and then from 11.15am - 7pm crews will be in Station Rise which will close between its junctions with Tanner Row and Station Road near The Grand.

The next day from 2.15m-7pm Victor Street and Low Priory Street near Micklegate will be closed and on Saturday they'll be filming by the river in New Walk Terrace, Lower Friargate and King's Staith
and the Eye of York. In the evening from 8.30pm-9.30pm there will be filming in Terry Avenue.