THREE people were caught on camera as they allegedly tried to steal a shopping trolley filled with goods.

Remarkable scenes erupted at the Lidl supermarket in Acomb’s Thanet Road at about 2pm on Saturday.

Filmed by eye-witness Siobhan Arthur, the footage shows a scuffle breaking out as a car attempts to drive off from the supermarket’s car park.

One of the occupants then gets out of the car and tries to make a run for it, chased by shoppers and a security guard. A woman can be heard shouting ‘Oh, my God!”

Someone manages to grab the keys from the car to prevent it driving off.

The remaining occupants of the car are then heard swearing and telling people: “Don’t **** with us.”

WATCH: Siobhan Arthur's vide of the incident at Lidl. WARNING: contains strong language

Siobhan, who lives in Acomb, told the Press she had been doing her shopping at the supermarket with her mum when they saw three people – a man and two women – pushing a loaded trolley out of the supermarket’s ‘entrance only’ door.

As people tried to stop them, they attempted to make a getaway in their car, reversing into another vehicle in the process.

That was when the man got out of the car and tried to make a break for it, Siobhan said.

“It was quite shocking, because of the fact that they were willing to go that far to try to escape!” she said.

Siobhan praised the quick thinking of the man - who she said is called Terry – who grabbed the car keys.

“Terry is the real hero!” she said.

Siobhan said two police vans subsequently arrived on the scene. She said she had shared her video footage with the police.

The Press has approached North Yorkshire Police for more details about the incident.