The Roman empire is re-establishing its presence at Delgovicia once again this year.

Organisers have announced the celebration of Roman life in our region will be held at Orchard Fields, Malton on July 21.

A spokesperson for the organisers said: "It will have something to please all the family, including kids activities (we’ll be recruiting for the Kids Roman Army), historian's, archaeology, Roman handicrafts and legionary encampment with our re-enactors in their fabulous replica costumes.

The following re-enactor groups will be attending Equistry, Magister Militum,Legio VI Victrix

and Roma Antiqua

"And once again we have a number of well-known authors including Nick Brown, Nancy Jardine, Clive Ashman, Julian Morgan, Kate Cunningham (Reading Riddle) plus we are in negotiation with a very special guest author.

"This year we will also have a small talks area where a range of talks from our visiting authors, Roman History researchers, academics and other guests will only add to the enjoyment of the day alongside our events arena.

"Follow our website and Social Media for regular updates as we get closer to the day.

"Look out for upcoming special ticket offers too and watch out that very special mystery guest announcement in the following weeks."

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