A UFO has been caught on video falling from the sky over a York village.

The shocking footage was taken Neil Standish over Wheldrake.

It shows a bright orange object plummeting out of the sky, with a tail of smoke billowing behind it.

Neil spotted the UFO at around 3.30pm on Tuesday, March 5.

Now he has contacted The Press to ask: “Do you know what caused this? There were around 10 in 10 minutes.”

Glen Richardson, the founder of the British UFO Network (BUFON), has also joined the investigation and is asking for any more witnesses who may have seen the object to get in touch.

Gazette & Herald: The UFO over WheldrakeThe UFO over Wheldrake (Image: Neil Standish)

Glen said: “I feel that reports of UFO activity across the UK are on the rise.

“More and more people are having the confidence to come forward, which is fantastic.

“If you have witnessed a UFO or something you can't explain, please contact me at BUFON British UFO Network on 07584320214."

Alternatively, email Glen at britishufonetwork@gmail.com

If you spotted the UFO - or if you have seen any other mystery objects - contact The Press by emailing newsdesk@thepress.co.uk.