NORTH Yorkshire Police has issued an apology to the LGBTQ+ community - saying it hopes to "rebuild trust".

The force today (February 29) said it was sorry for any historical discriminatory behaviour that members of the LGBTQ+ community suffered from members of the police.

It came in response to a letter from Peter Tatchell, director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, which aims to promote and protect the human rights. The letter asked all police forces to apologise for historical treatment of the LGBTQ+ community.

North Yorkshire Police acting Chief Constable Elliot Foskett said: "As Acting Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police, I offer my sincere apologies to the LGBT+ community for any historical discriminatory behaviour they were subjected to by any member of this force.


"To rebuild trust, it’s important to recognise the harm caused not only to the individuals subject to unacceptable police behaviours of the past, but also the upset and distress experienced by their families and loved ones, and the LGBT+ community as a whole.

"I recognise that it’s important to acknowledge former injustices, to forge stronger relationships for the future. I hope that this acknowledgment demonstrates our commitment as a force to work with our LGBTQ+ to do exactly that.

"As a bisexual man myself, I understand some of the challenges that our LGBTQ+ communities, both externally and internally, continue to face.

"I hope my response, and the actions of all the officers and staff that I lead, shows that policing is listening, learning, and changing, and that everyone here at North Yorkshire Police is fully committed to true inclusivity and equality for all."