Flooding on a road under a railway bridge in York is causing delays for drivers this afternoon (Sunday, February 11).

Water is covering the stretch of Leeman Road under the bridge next to the Royal Mail delivery office as well as the adjacent footpath.

The road is still open to traffic but drivers are having to go through the water at a slow speed which is causing lengthy tailbacks.

At 1pm queues of vehicles had formed at the three-way traffic lights in place at the tunnel for the York Central development.

A woman who was a passenger in a car driving through the tunnel told The Press that most of the road was covered with water.

“The whole part underneath the railway bridge is like a river,” she said.

Gazette & Herald: Flooding under the railway bridge in Leeman Road today (Sun, Feb 11)Flooding under the railway bridge in Leeman Road today (Sun, Feb 11) (Image: Dylan Connell)

It is not clear what is causing the flooding.

The Press has contacted City of York Council for more information.