Councillors have voted to defer plans for a major zip line attraction in Scarborough’s North Bay.

At a meeting on Thursday (Feb 8), the construction of a 35m high, 650m long zip line was deferred by councillors who described the attraction as ”desperately needed” but said that changes were required to make it acceptable.

Big Bang Promotions’ application had been recommended for refusal by North Yorkshire Council over concerns it would cause “significant harm” to the character of the area.

Coun Eric Broadbent, whose ward the zip line was proposed to be built in, said the plan was “brilliant [but] in the wrong place”

Speaking at the planning meeting, he said: “We do need new ideas but I think it would be a backward step if we brought that sort of attraction to the North Bay… it would swallow the beauty.”

More than 170 locals wrote letters in support of the plan and more than 40 letters of objection were received.

A report presented to the planning committee noted that the zip line attraction – on the site of the former Marvel’s Amusement Park – was “acceptable in principle”.

James Field, the owner of applicant Big Bang Promotions, emphasised the economic benefits of the zip line and said he was happy to work with councillors to amend the proposal.

Mr Field told the committee that the zip wire was “poised to be one of the largest and longest” in the UK and would “reposition Scarborough as a forward-thinking destination” as well as creating dozens of jobs.

According to current plans, the zip line attraction would include several wires between two steel-framed towers and could carry up to 80 people an hour.

However, Coun Subash Sharma said the zip line towers would “dominate the skyline and the whole perception of the North Bay.”

“I would like to see a zip wire somewhere in Scarborough, but everything desired is not always desirable,” he added.

Coun Heather Phillips said she knew a lot of people in favour of the plan, and added that if it “had a more friendly, harbour-type visual appeal” she would have been more strongly in favour.

The motion to defer the scheme, which was proposed by Coun Phillips and seconded by Coun Rich Maw, was passed with support from Coun Janet Jefferson and the casting vote of the chair, Coun Phil Trumper.

However, council planning officers said they were doubtful about the scale of changes that could be made to the scheme.

A planning officer said: “I’m slightly doubtful how much of a difference it would make as it’s hard to hide something of that scale”.

The plan is set to return to the planning committee for reconsideration at an unspecified date.