County Bridge between Malton and Norton remains closed and is likely to be so for some time - perhaps several days.

North Yorkshire Councillor Keane Duncan said that while the river level is falling and now stands at 4.25m (just above the trigger for closure), groundwater levels remain high at 21.97m - and rising.

He said: "This is causing significant pooling of water in Castlegate. 24 pumps are currently deployed, but it’s not proving possible to clear the water here. It means that the bridge cannot reopen yet, despite the falling river level.

"The more positive news is that following persistent requests, Highways are looking at ways to reinstate two-way traffic on Norton Road. This would be a massive help to congestion if the closure of the bridge remains necessary.

"Highways are also looking at the traffic lights situation on Scarborough Road/Westfield Way. Overnight works to fit the new sensors or temporary lights here are being explored. It is hoped there can be a further update on Norton Road and the traffic lights later today."

Once again, your understanding is appreciated. The teams on the ground are doing the very best job they can to protect our community.