Ryedale Police have urged people not to drive tonight after The Met Office issued a 'yellow' weather warning for snow and ice.

The warning has been made for North Yorkshire and beyond over Saturday night and into Sunday.

A police spokesperson said: "It is safer not to drive in heavy snow and icy conditions but if you absolutely must drive, please follow this advice.

"Plan your route Check for delays and road closures Leave more time to prepare and check your car before setting off Check wipers, tyres and screenwash Pack essentials in your car including phone charger, torch (don't rely on your phone), ice scraper & de-icer, warm clothes & blankets, sunglasses, food & drink, a shovel and jump leads if you have them.

"Please keep you and other people safe by: Using dipped headlights Accelerate gently, use low revs and change to higher gears as quickly as possible Starting in second gear will help with wheel slip Maintain a safe and steady speed. Keep your distance from other vehicles Keep a constant speed up hills. Leave plenty of room between cars Use a low gear to go down hill and try to avoid braking unless necessary Do not take your hands of the wheel or slam on the brakes Stay safe everyone."