The demolition of a Filey snack bar and two beach chalets has been approved as part of a plan for a larger, more modern café.

Baker’s Snack Bar on Coble Landing in Filey will be demolished alongside two wooden chalets to make way for the construction of a replacement café and snack bar.

The plan for the new year-round seaside café at a popular tourist hotspot in the town of Filey received support from members of the public and the town council.

Writing in support of the application, one resident said: “The development is for a successful update of retail facilities for a well-regarded and respected local business.”

Another member of the public said: “The development will increase the offering of facilities for day visitors, holidaymakers and locals, promoting tourism in the area, and is a welcome addition to Coble Landing.”

Council officers commended the plan for “helping to reduce the seasonal nature of the tourism industry” by offering additional indoor seating accommodation in the winter and poor weather.

The applicant, Charles Baker said that the premises’ current layout provided only modest eat-in facilities and that the new building would create “spacious seating facilities, enhancing the indoor dining experience which is lacking in this area of Filey”.

Concerns had been raised by council engineers and the estates team over issues in establishing ownership of a nearby wall and the proposed café’s close proximity to the wall.

North Yorkshire Council owns the land that “curls around the RNLI Lifeboat station and abuts the Baker’s land” and the estates team had sought to establish liability for future repairs as well as the structural integrity of the wall.

However, council’s engineers raised no objections to the plan with “an informative note added informing Baker’s that it is liable for the wall and steps”.

The plan was approved subject to conditions by North Yorkshire Council on Friday, November 17.