A Ryedale author has fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming an author with a book based on her childhood pet.

‘The Adventures of Tommy Bones’ is a children’s story following the hapless capers of Sylvia Buck’s pet cat as he gets into numerous scrapes," Sylvia said:

“Growing up in Huby, just north of York, Tommy Bones was our family cat, he was a tiny bag of bones, hence the name, but he had bucket loads of personality.

“I remember Tommy as being very mischievous, and always getting into trouble, he’s the perfect character to base a children’s book on.

“It’s been my lifelong dream to publish a children’s book and it’s thrilling to see Tommy brought to life on the page.”

Sylvia, who now lives in Sheriff Hutton recently visited her old primary school, Huby Primary School, were she spoke to current pupils about writing the book and gifted two copies for the pupils to enjoy. She added: “I thought it might be a nice idea to donate two of my books to Huby school, after all this is the village where Tommy had most of his adventures.

“It was great to meet the current staff and pupils, I wanted to give something back and hopefully encourage the children to write a book of their own.”

The books were received by Daniel and Bronwen, along with the head teacher Jane Cunningham.

‘The Adventures of Tommy Bones’ is a short rhyming verse book for children between the ages of three to eight years old and is available to buy now on Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Adventures-Tommy-Bones-Sylvia-Buck-ebook/dp/B0CHJP8JVW