Residents concerned about the speed at which vehicles move through Helmsley are invited to join a community speed watch group to report speeding drivers.

Helmsley Green Team, who operate the local speed watch scheme in the busy market town, can be seen on Ashdale Road, High Street and other places in Helmsley with their high-vis jackets, a speed gun and a clipboard.

The project runs in collaboration with and approval of North Yorkshire Police who trained the volunteers and regularly receive reports from them about cars that exceed the speed limit.

A letter is sent from the Police to offenders and action is taken against those who repeatedly break the speed limit or severely exceed it.

Peter Elliott, who leads the initiative in Helmsley, said: “The brilliant work that our small team of volunteers frequently do is pivotal to ensure that drivers adhere to the speed limit and to identify those who do not. This is a fulfilling activity that makes a positive impact."

Helmsley Green Team Chair, Wendy Rushton, added: “Speeding vehicles do not only put the safety of road users and cyclists at risk, but they also lead to greater noise levels and higher emissions. This is why Helmsley Green Team decided to launch a local speed watch group in addition to the other activities that we regularly organise such as litter-picking sessions, events to recycle unused items, and other initiatives to improve the environment.”

Helmsley’s North Yorkshire Councillor George Jabbour said: “Having volunteered with Helmsley Green Team in the past when I helped manage their website, I know first-hand the superb contribution that they make to both our community and the planet. I am also aware that community speed watch schemes that are set up by North Yorkshire Police are an effective way to tackle speeding. As a result, I contacted the Police about the situation in Helmsley. I recommended that a grant from the North Yorkshire Council locality budget for our area was allocated to Helmsley Green Team to purchase the necessary equipment for this proposal, so I am delighted that this has been successful.”

Anyone who would like to get involved should email”