The footpath across County Bridge has been closed to pedestrians following a rise in the River Derwent overnight.

The picnic area on riverside walk is now completely submerged.

Levels are expected to remain high over the coming days following the recent rain.

Church Street in Norton has reopened however the footpath across one side of County Bridge has been closed to install a temporary pump.

North Yorkshire Councillor Keane Duncan said in an update on the flooding situation: "We have 12 pumps currently deployed, with more on standby.

"The River Derwent is expected to peak again tomorrow afternoon at 4.2m. It’s 3.87m right now.

"A closure of County Bridge is not expected, but we’re closely monitoring the situation.2

Mike Potter from the Pickering flood defence team, said: " Hope I'm not speaking too soon, but it looks like we've dodged another flooding bullet. Rain not too dramatic here and the south caught the worst of storm Ciaran. River levels will rise but nothing extraordinary and forecast not too bad."