VOLUNTEERS in Pickering have been recognised for their efforts in helping to improve the town.

Pickering Town Council recently held a ceremony at the Forest and Vale hotel to present people with awards to recognise their voluntary.

Award winners were Vanessa Buckle for Volunteer of the Year, Lisa Whitmore for Runner-Up Volunteer of the Year, Mark Hill for Lifetime Service, John Bruce for Runner-Up Lifetime Service, Raymond Bowman for Community Volunteer, David Tomlinson for Runner-Up Community Volunteer, Gill Devonshire for Environmental Champion, Richard Simpson for Runner-Up Environmental Champion, Jess Yeoman for Volunteer Aged Under 18, Tony Oates for Volunteer Working with Young People and Roger Swift for Runner-Up for Volunteer Working With Young People.

The council also thanks St Cecilia's Alba Rose residential home for sponsoring the awards and the Forest and Vale for their assistance and for rolling out the red carpet.