A ‘happy coincidence’ meant a woman was reunited with her wedding photographers – 23 years after her big day.

Helen Knapp tied the knot with her husband Mark Knapp at Nunnington Church with a reception afterwards at the Abbey Inn in Byland on June 24, 2000.

She now owns the Hidden Monkey café in Malton where photographers James and Pamela Rossdale called in.

James explained how he and Pamela recognised Helen and after talking with her discovered that they photographed her wedding.

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“It was exciting, it was great fun,” he said. “We all got on well.”

The 71-year-old, who lives near Stamford Bridge, said he recently published a book, Overexposure, which details how he became a photographer while living in London.

He agreed to leave copies of it at the Hidden Monkey as the café displays work by local artists and crafters, as well as hosting regular book meetings.

In the first week 20 per cent of the signed copies left at the venue had sold.