Plans have been submitted to remove the ATM at Barclays Bank in Malton.

An application has been made to take out the external ATM and existing dark blue panel and replace it with new glazing.

The plans include removing the external night safe face plate and existing aperture to be infilled with blockwork and rendered.

Existing signage and branding is also to be removed.

In July Barclays announced that it would be closing branches in Malton, Easingwold and Thirsk.

In total, Barclays will close 14 branches by the end of this year.

The bank cited changes in customer behaviour as the reason behind the closures.

It said that at the branches closing in North Yorkshire a large number of customers banked using its app, online and by phone which has resulted in a drop in footfall at the banks.

It also said that less people were using the branches regularly.

For people who use the branches regularly as their only way of banking, a Barclays spokesperson said there are 16 customers in Malton, 28 customers in Easingwold and 22 customers in Thirsk that fall into the category.

First to close will be the Easingwold branch on October 13, then will be the Malton branch on October 19, followed by the Thirsk branch on October 25.

After the closures, Barclays customers will have to travel to nearby towns or cities to use a bank.

For customers in Malton, this will mean having to travel eight miles to Pickering or 17 miles to York.