The village of Snainton suffered its worst floods in living memory in the early hours of Monday morning as a result of torrential rain.

Some properties in the High Street and Station Road saw water up to a metre high.

North Yorkshire Councillor David Jeffels said: “The volume of deep mud on the pavements which in several cases was washed into the houses, was devastating.”

He said highway staff from North Yorkshire Council, the Fire and Rescue Service and contractors, were quickly on the scene helping to clear the flood stricken homes and clear mud from yards and footpaths, as well as clearing drains which had become blocked because of the volume of rain.

“Neighbours rallied round to give support and help to each other in what was undoubtedly the worst flooding incident in Snainton for at least half a century. It was a splendid example of a community coming together to provide help in such a dreadful crisis for which everyone was grateful.”