A KEY component of an ambitious scheme to tackle traffic congestion and improve connectivity between Malton and Norton will be trialled from next week.

The former North Yorkshire County Council drew up plans in 2021 to install traffic lights and new pedestrian crossings at the Church Street/Welham Road/Castlegate junction.

It follows changes to traffic priority at the junction which came into effect in 2016.

In order to deliver the proposed plans, a one-way westbound system needs to be installed on Norton Road to reduce the amount of traffic approaching the level crossing and avoid creating extra congestion.

North Yorkshire Council is now testing the impact of a one-way westbound system by introducing it on a trial basis for six months from next Monday.

A potential solution to issues at the level crossing would see junctions signalised, new pedestrian crossings created and Norton Road made one way.

This will be safer for all road users, allowing motorists to manoeuvre from all approaches while providing pedestrians with safe crossing points.

The one-way part of the plan is being trialled to see the traffic and air quality impacts before making a decision on whether to proceed with the full scheme.

The proposed scheme was shaped by a public consultation carried out by North Yorkshire County Council in 2021, when residents were asked for their views.

Since the public consultation, the council has completed six months of data gathering for traffic flows and air quality. This information will be compared with fresh data gathered over the next six months.

North Yorkshire Council’s executive member for highways and transport, Cllr Keane Duncan, who also represents the Norton division, said: “During the pilot we will once again monitor traffic flows and air quality.

“This will provide us with a better understanding of the impact of the scheme and inform our decision on whether we implement it in the longer-term.”

The public can share their comments on the one-way system by emailing Area4.KirbyMisperton@northyorks.gov.uk