A row has escalated over plans to extend the operating hours of one of the county's largest animal feed manufacturers.

Ian Mosey Ltd, based near Gilling East, has applied for a Certificate of Lawfulness in respect of the activities of its fleet of lorries between the hours of 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning, Monday to Saturday.

The request to extend the operating hours of the tractor units and trailers has triggered a slew of objections from affected residents.

The business is arguing that their wagons’ continuous breach of one of the conditions that was attached to the approval of a previous application constitutes grounds to grant their new request. However, scores of residents in Oswaldkirk, Hovingham and other affected areas have submitted comments to object.

North Yorkshire Councillor for the Helmsley and Sinnington division, Councillor George Jabbour, said: “During last year’s election campaign, a large number of residents raised with me their concerns about the traffic that is generated by the lorries and wagons of Ian Mosey Ltd during unsociable hours of the day, particularly overnight.

“Therefore, as soon as I was elected as a local Councillor, I started working on this matter and have spoken with local residents and Councillors, not only within the division that I represent, but also in other affected areas. In addition, I had contacted Ryedale District Council even before it became part of the new North Yorkshire Council.

“The huge frustration that communities such as Oswaldkirk and Hovingham are feeling because of the lack of enforcement on the part of the former District Council for a period of over ten years is completely understandable and fully legitimate.

“Back in March, Ryedale District Council did not approve the request of Ian Mosey Ltd to waive all the restrictions surrounding their operating hours. It also maintained the requirement that there should be no vehicular movements associated with the feed mill before 6.30 in the morning.

“As a result, Ian Mosey Ltd has now submitted a new application to extend the hours of operation earlier in the morning. This is inconsistent with the decision that Ryedale District Council had already made a few months ago.

“I will continue to work with local residents to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for our communities.”

Richard​ Prust, Director at Ian Mosely, said: " We are concerned about the comments made by local residents. Our application seeks to secure the future of our business and the local jobs it supports whilst minimising disturbance to nearby villages. The merits of our case will be determined by due process which is now in the hands of North Yorkshire Council. It should also be noted that we have received a lot of support from local people who recognise our positive contribution to the surrounding rural economy."