A meeting is to be held this Friday to discuss the proposed conversion of BATA from a society to a private company limited by shares.

BATA (Brandsby Agricultural Trading Association) based at Amotherby, has called for a vote among its members to change its current business structure.

The proposal is to convert BATA from a Yorkshire farming co-operative to limited company.

However, some members have voiced concerns about the proposal and have launched a “vote no” campaign, with leaflets being dispersed in the local area to encourage farmer-owners to vote against the decision.

BATA was established more than 130 years ago and has about 4,000 members. It supplies a range of animal feeds, fuel and agricultural products and also operates a number of country stores.

Voting is limited to ordinary share members, and two special member meetings for voting are due to take place on August 15 and September 8. Votes can also be sent by post or placed via an online portal.

Another meeting has been agreed for 10am on August 4,at the Mercure York, following demands from about 50 members of the co-op, to discuss the proposed change in structure in advance of the voting at the meeting on August 15.

However one member said many farmers were not happy about it and that it was a 'sneaky' move coming when they were busy with harvesting.

“We ultimately think it is being lined up to be sold off and it’s just another farmer-owned business which is going to disappear,” he said.

However, it is understood that limitations on the number of shares would be put in place by the organisation to stop any parties having a controlling interest, which would prevent this from being an issue.

For more information go to https://www.bataltd.co.uk/members-information