The retailer that was interested in taking on the Helmsley Post Office has now decided they are no longer interested.

As reported by the Gazette & Herald at the time, the town’s Costcutter, which also offered essential Post Office services, closed in August 2022 without prior warning.

Staff were informed of the closure via text message the day before it closed.

Following months of discussions with the Post Office a retailer had initially been interested in taking on the site, but the Post Office has now confirmed that this is no longer the case.

As a result, the local Post Office field manager visited Helmsley and spoke with the town’s retailers about the opportunity of setting up postal services in their premises.

Helmsley’s North Yorkshire Councillor George Jabbour said it was “deeply disappointing” that the talks have ended without success.

Gazette & Herald: Cllr Jabbour outside the Post Office in HelmsleyCllr Jabbour outside the Post Office in Helmsley (Image: Cllr George Jabbour)

“This is sadly the outcome that I had feared since the beginning, which is why from the start I had constantly campaigned to ensure that Helmsley had a temporary solution until a full-time permanent provision is secured,” he said.

A temporary solution was implemented in the town following a protest organised by Cllr Jabbour, which came to an end in November 2022.

Now, however, the Post Office has said they are looking to install a temporary part-time service in Helmsley again.

Gazette & Herald: The previous temporary Post Office service in HelmsleyThe previous temporary Post Office service in Helmsley (Image: George Jabbour)

A Post Office spokesperson said: “We want to restore Post Office services to Helmsley as soon as possible. 

“Interest was expressed by a retailer, however, at this stage an application has not been submitted.

"Our field team again recently visited retailers in the area to raise awareness again of the business opportunity to restore services to the community.

“Whilst our preference remains a full-time permanent Post Office, given the lack of an applicant and a challenging retail trading environment, we have decided that in the interests of providing some level of service we are again looking at ways to provide a temporary part-time service.

“The vacancy for Helmsley remains advertised on”

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Cllr Jabbour said: "As many will know, a mobile branch was introduced in Helmsley following the protest that I organised. It was not perfect but was better than nothing. 

“So, I was extremely upset when the Post Office stopped this temporary solution before providing another alternative.

“I am glad that the Post Office have now reconsidered their position and are working on offering a temporary solution until a retailer comes forward and offers a full-time alternative.

“I visited Topcliffe Post Office last week and I know that the Post Office have approached other branches too to explore possible avenues. 

“We must leave no stone unturned until this problem is resolved."

Gazette & Herald: Cllr Jabbour outside the Topcliffe Post Office Cllr Jabbour outside the Topcliffe Post Office (Image: George Jabbour)