BBC crews visited Pickering yesterday (Tuesday) to film for the television programme Antiques Road Trip.

Pickering Antiques welcomed back the crews along with TV celebrity experts Natasha Ranskin Sharp, Antique Expert and BBC TV and radio presenter along with new dealer to the show, London and Las Vegas Jeweller Ishi Kahn.

Both experts were on site from 9am until mid afternoon searching the shop's seven rooms for that one particular item that will earn them a profit when they go head to head at auction.

All profit from each show is donated to charity.

Owner of Pickering Antiques Mark Witherington, said: "We thoroughly enjoyed having both experts with us for the day along with the BBC film crews who accompanied them.

"Both experts acknowledged the quaintness of Pickering and vowed to return.

"Once filming was complete we all enjoyed coffee and snacks at NOSH cafe."

Mark added: "Being chosen for filming is a great boost to our business and acknowledges the hard work that our independent dealers put into sourcing the variety of Antiques & Collectables that we have on offer here at our centre. It also helps boost the area and town with many folk UK wide who follow and visit the areas featured on the programme."