ANNIE Stirk retired from a successful career as boss of her own food PR company to take up a new career - in her Seventies - as a model.

She's taken part in fashion shoots, and featured on giant billboards across the country as 'Granny Annie' in a Vegan food campaign.

But tomorrow the 71-year-old grandmother from Brandsby near Easingwold will be stepping out on yet into another chapter in her life - as star of the BBCs latest TV series about walking.

All week, Annie and four other contestants have been leading each-other on their favourite Yorkshire walks in BBC Two’s ‘Take a Hike’.

Already this week, the ramblers have been to Malham Cove, Robin Hood’s Bay and Ilkley Moor – where, naturally, that day’s guide Illaria led them all in a lively rendition of a certain song.

This evening will seem them walking to Brimham Rocks – and even abseiling down one of the great stones.

Then tomorrow, it is Annie’s big day – she will lead the ramblers on her own favourite Yokshire walk, along Flamborough Head.

Annnie, who was born in Castleford, says Flamborough has always been one of her favourite places.

“It's that coastline!” she said. “As a child, we had lots of family holidays on the coast a Filey. And Flamborough Head just ticks all the boxes, with those spectacular cliffs.”

All week, the series had been introducing viewers to stunning Yorkshire countryside.

But there’s a twist to this gentle programme about favourite walks.

Each day’s walk includes a challenge devised by that day’s guide (hence the abseiling). And each day, the walkers rate that day’s guide on how good their walk was – and on the quality of their challenge. At the end of the week, the winner will be the walker with the highest score.

Annie’s is the last walk of the week – so she’s still in with a chance of winning…

Filming took place in April last year. Annie had hoped to lead her group up the Flamborough lighthouse. But it was still closed because of Covid. So she had to come up an alternative challenge. You'll have to watch to find out what...

The 71-year-old former teacher turned PR turned model turned TV star admits she had a blast making the five programmes.

Her mantra, she says, is ‘just do it!’

“I’ve always felt you are limited only by your own boundaries,” she said. "This show was such a fun experience. There were times when I wondered ‘what on earth am I doing here..?!’ – but I quickly pushed these thoughts away!

"It was fun swapping catwalks for cattle grids and cliff tops. I do do a lot of walking to help me stay fit, and to also create mindful space. Life is busy, and we all need to just stop and take it all in sometimes!"

Take A Hike is on BBC Two at 6.30pm every evening this week, with Annie leading her walk on Friday