A CHARITY has explained the crucial work they do to support farmers with their mental health, and why it is needed now more than ever.

RABI are a charity working to support anyone involved with farming in England and Wales, who have fallen on hard times.

The charity supports people struggling by providing the help they need, such as financial assistance and advice.

Examples include annual donations at Christmas and also school uniform grants for the children of those that have fallen on hard times.

David Burke has volunteered at the charity for the past 25 years.

Speaking to the Gazette and Herald at the Ryedale show, he explained that a large amount of support is currently being given to help with mental health.

David said: “RABI is for anyone who has been impacted in farming.

“In North Yorkshire we pay out more than any other county.

“At the moment the major area seems to be helping people with mental health problems.”

David explained that mental health problems amongst farmers have been on the rise, given that those working on farms tend to now work alone or in small group.

This is because new machinery has meant less labour is needed to operate farms.

He added that farmers have felt further strain since Covid and more recently with rising costs during the cost-of-living crisis.

In turn, David explained that these factors have resulted in an increase in mental distress amongst farmers.

“The future of farming is in the lap of the Gods,” he said.

“People are losing money for every litre they sell.”

More information about RABI can be found on the charity’s website: www.rabi.org.uk