A donkey was rescued from the A64 by a vet and their partner on their way to the airport.

Shortly before 7am this morning, North Yorkshire Police received a call from a member of the public who had found a donkey grazing on the central reservation of the A64 near Whitwell.

The rescuers later made a call to the BBC One breakfast show to talk about their experience.

Amy, who was driving to York with her partner, told presenter Greg James: "We saw the donkey standing in the fast lane and turned round.

"An electrician was also passing and we managed to use a piece of strap and wrestle the donkey into a bus stop and shut him in there until the police arrived."

Amy told the radio show as vets, they had been able to give the donkey, named Murphy, a quick checkover as well.

"The police were able to reunite him with his owners and he wasa walked home. We think he may have been trying to get to the beach in Scarborough as he was in the eastbound carriageway."

A police spokesperson said: "The quick-thinking individual and his partner managed to restrain the donkey and encouraged it into a nearby bus stop where they tethered him and called police for assistance.

"Officers attended the scene and once they were happy the donkey was in no danger, they set about trying to locate his owner.

"A few door knocks later it became apparent that Murphy, the donkey, had escaped from a nearby field.

"His owner came and took him safely back to his field, where he soon settled down for a rest after his morning adventure.

Murphy was checked over and had come to no harm.

We'd like to say a big thank you to the members of the public who rescued Murphy and called us for help.2