NEW data has revealed how Ryedale has changed since 2011.

Results have now been published of the 2021 Census survey, which is used by the Office of National Statistics to get the most accurate data to analyse the population changes.

The survey is carried out every 10 years with the most recent data from March 21, 2021.


Data from the Census shows changes within the Ryedale population since the previous survey 10 before in 2011. 

Compared with 2011, the population in the area grew 5.7% from 51,751 to 54,700.

There were also significant changes within the range of ages staying in Ryedale. 



Data from the Census shows the number of people aged 15-19 staying in the area has fallen by 15 per cent.

There was also a 26 per cent decrease in those aged in their mid to late 40s. 

However, the number of people staying in Ryedale aged 25-34 has risen 26 per cent, and the number in their mid to late fifties has risen by 22 per cent.

The biggest increase came with the number of people aged above 65 staying in the area, which saw a steady rise.

This peaked at the number of people aged 70-74 which has increased by 44 per cent. 

Interactive map shows how ages have changed in Ryedale compared to other areas



Population density

Data from the 2021 Census revealed that Ryedale is the most sparsely populated area in Yorkshire and the second in England, with a population per square kilometre of 35. 

This puts the area just behind Eden District, in Cumbria, which has a population per square kilometre of 26.

This interactive map shows how the population density in Ryedale compares with neighbouring areas