Proposals have been put forward for that Norton College to become part of the Ryedale Learning Trust.

A consultation is now underway involving parents and stakeholders regarding the move to transfer the school from the Evolution Schools Learning Trust.

The Ryedale Learning Trust is Trustees a multi-academy trust and one of the options for the future is to merge with another trust in order to benefit from wider networks, sharing of resources, and greater partnership working across more schools.

Mark McCandless, CEO, Ryedale Learning Trust, said: "The government has made it clear in the White Paper: Opportunity for All, that the education system is moving towards a fully trust led model by 2030, and with an expectation that most trusts will be on a trajectory to serve a minimum of 7,500 pupils or run at least 10 schools.

"The Ryedale Learning Trust was established to provide a supportive, sustainable structure for schools in the wider Ryedale community to work in partnership. "

He added: "This collaborative approach supports all young people within the Trust to achieve their potential. We are committed to sharing excellent practice and resources, and are already realising the benefits of this approach as a group of four schools.

The prospect of expanding this model through Norton College joining the Ryedale Learning Trust is extremely exciting.

" I am confident this relationship would be mutually beneficial to all within our schools."

Tim Johnson, headteacher at Norton College, said: "Norton College is delighted to announce the intention to transfer from Evolution Schools Learning Trust to Ryedale Learning Trust.

"There is a very close alignment in the ethos and values of Ryedale Learning Trust and Norton College, placing a central importance upon the promotion of healthy, happy, and confident learners that are equipped to succeed in a changing world. As the Ryedale Learning Trust says on its website, schools and communities are 'stronger together'. The transfer to join Ryedale Learning Trust offers Norton College the opportunity to work with a wider group of schools in building upon our existing strengths at a very exciting point in the growth and development of the Trust.

Information about how stakeholders can contribute to the consultation process is available via the Norton College website at