One of the newly restored ramps at Norton skatepark has been vandalised.

The ramp was graffitted yesterday evening (Friday).

Campaigners, who have recently helped renovate the site,  have inly recently secured £50,000 funding to restore the park's half pipe from Ryedale District Council.
Councillors Keane Duncan and Di Keal proposed the funding, which was and then seconded by the council during the meeting. The move was voted through unanimously and follows a 15 months of campaign to restore the skatepark and half pipe.

Writing on social media, campaignner Ryan Swain, said: "Last night the skatepark was badly damaged and vandalized. On a ramp which is now dedicated to someone we all loved in these towns. Absolutely furious with what has been happening at the skatepark over the last few weeks.

"Antisocial behavior, lack of respect and now criminal damage and graffiti all perpetrated by people that don't actually skate, ride or use the facility efficiently and it's not just there it's all over both towns. 

"It's a disgrace, whoever has done this you're on CCTV and I'll push the authorities to check it back asap and there's excuses for North Yorkshire Police to do something about this.

"I won't tolerate this nor will I give up. I won't tolerate antisocial behavior, bullying, vandalism or any of this oikish behavior not on my watch! Hopefully the community will be vigilante also in support."

Anyone with further information about the damage should contact police on 101.