Aid for the people in Ukraine has been delivered to the country’s border by members of a Ryedale-based support group.

Andy Tock and Andy Tilson, from The Ukraine Support Group, set off last Tuesday, waved off by pupils of Thornton Dale Primary school who have supported them.

The caravan providing shelter and aid in one package arrived at the Polish and Ukraine border after three days of driving.

David Thomas, from the Ukraine Support Group said the two Andys had completed a 1,800 mile round trip.

“The caravan will be towed from the Polish border by locals in Ukraine a further 300 miles into the North East of the country direct to where it is needed.

“A family will be housed in the caravan and aid distributed to mostly old pensioners who are unable to relocate easily. Aid for children and pets will also be distributed from the caravan.”

David added: “On route a German and Ukranian couple, Nica and Tanya recognised the aid caravan and donated 50 euros for travel costs.

“Throughout the trip there has been daily contact with eight-year-old Ollie Tilson who has kept his classmates at Thornton Dale primary school fully informed of progress.

“The two Andys are both parents of children attending Thornton Dale Primary School.

“The school’s ‘Global Changemakers’ group, who help to promote an awareness of global issues in school, have given up several lunch times to help box up donations from the school community for the Ukrainian appeal and have created around 25-30 shoeboxes.”

David said the shoeboxes will go to young and especially old, retired people like himself who find it difficult to relocate.

“The boost to Unkranian morale was evident by the warm reception for the aid at Przemsyl.

“The Ukraine Support group would like to thank many local collective efforts who have provided help and donations for the trip to Ukraine.

“Especially the efforts of Di Keal’s Liberal Democrat loading party and Di’s successful liaison with the local Lions who helped finance the ferry crossing.

“Sincere thanks to all local people who have kindly supported out special aid operation, you know who you are.”