Ryedale Environmental Group (REG) is encouraging businesses to support low-waste shopping ahead of World Refill Day

Following the launch of REG’s partnership with Refill, a national campaign to reduce the use of plastic water bottles and other packaging, more firms are being encouraged to join the initiative.

The idea is for shops, cafés etc. to be given a window sticker and materials so that they are fully informed of the benefits of allowing visitors and customers to refill their water bottles with tap water from their premises.

Groups involved in publicising the campaign are aiming for a broad spread of participating businesses, so that wherever people happen to be, there will be a shop not far away which could provide free tap water.

Meanwhile, at last Saturday's Repair Café in Hovingham , The Beecham Weigh from Malton brought along a “pop-up shop” with samples and full-size containers of washing-up liquid, laundry liquid, fabric conditioner and hand wash for visitors to either trial or bring along their own containers to refill.

Caroline Davis, of Project Purple, b which organised the Repair Cafe,said : “Using local refill shops means we can choose the amount we buy. There’s always plenty of choice and it feels good to shop without plastic packaging.”

With World Refill Day on Thursday, June 16, REG is encouragin people to use occasion 'to dip your toes into a new way of shopping'.

A spokesperson said: " Here in Ryedale, we are lucky to have refill and low-waste options in Malton, Kirkbymoorside, Pickering and Helmsley.

"From dried goods to hair products, washing-up liquid to herbs and spices, the selection of products available is growing all the time.

“You get so much more than a large supermarket – the staff have time and expertise and can advise you on so much, it’s so much cheaper to refill and you’re getting a better quality product. You know you’re doing your bit for the environment and spending money locally.”

"The benefits of these local plastic-free options go beyond the advantages for the planet, as we found when speaking to local residents about why they’ve joined the refill revolution.

"Perhaps you’re on board already, or you’ve been considering making the switch for a few of your regular shopping list items. Check out the World Refill Day website and Ryedale Environmental Group’s websites for more information, including the REG Green Guide available to download, for details on local shops who’ll be delighted to welcome and guide you."

For more information go to https://ryedaleenvirogroup.co.uk/