A dog massage therapist has recently set up her own business in Norton.

Freya Mansell, who owns Yorkshire Canine Massage, delivers Myotherapy treatment across Ryedale, which aims to help dogs with issues such as arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia and soft tissue injuries.

Freya, who has worked as a canine hydrotherapist since 2015, says the treatment can be an enjoyable experience for pets or owners who want to keep their dog in the best condition.

She said: “Massage is proven to be relaxing and calming helping to reduce pain signals and improve pets’ well-being in their day-to-day life. It can also be a soothing experience for healthy pets to keep them in tip top condition!"

Freya completed an accredited course in canine myotherapy, which gave her comprehensive knowledge of in-depth anatomy and physiology and common conditions.

She now meets with owners and their pets delivering treatment sessions either in their own homes or her clinic space.

"I can see up to 4 dogs a day," says Freya.

"I talk to the owners about how the dog is doing, any changes we can make to their dogs routine and home environment. I also help owners make their homes and gardens the best environment for the dogs to get around without further injury or discomfort.”

Myotherapy is widely used in aiding rehabilitation, where it improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, along with working into the muscles to reduce areas of tension and discomfort.

Freya is passionate about the wellbeing of dogs and believes that they should be treated with a holistic approach.

She said: “I have experience working with dogs with many different conditions and I believe that we should treat the whole dog in a holistic way looking at all aspects of their environment, mental stimulation and physical wellbeing. This helps dogs to move more freely and be more in balance throughout their whole body.”

Freya has two dogs of her own, Hetty and Hartley, who she also treats at home.

She said: "I regularly spend time treating my own two terriers and do some exercises with them in the garden as this is good mental enrichment. I really enjoy having the time to get to know owners and their dogs too and give them advice on changes they can make to help their pets well-being and comfort long-term."

For more information about Freya and Yorkshire Canine Massage, or to book a treatment, visit her website https://www.yorkshirecaninemassage.com/