A FESTIVAL celebrating Malton's connections with the Romans is being held this summer.

Malton Museum will be hosting a Roman Festival in conjunction with its enhanced exhibition and the national celebrations of the 1900th anniversary of the beginning of the construction of Hadrian’s Wall.

Held at the Roman Fort on Orchard Fields, there will be live action demonstrations in an arena from experimental archaeologists Equistry (Roman Cavalry) and battle sequences from Magister Militum, a re-enactment group who will have a large Roman Legionary encampment.

A spokesperson for Malton Museum said: "We will also have a ‘children’s Roman army’ segment, with a paint your own shield activity.

"Other children’s activities include, mosaic making, wax tablet drawing, two archaeology activities - a dig and finds sorting - and dressing up as a Roman Soldier or a Roman Britain."

Roman interest groups will have their own displays showing their findings along with retail stands including food and beverage.

Malton Museum will also have its own ‘mini museum’.

The Roman Fort at Malton was the heart of the Roman Settlement and the reason that it existed in the first place. It was located on the north side of the River Derwent, and the lines of its defences can be seen today in Orchard Fields.

It was a large fort and its importance is reinforced by the vitality of the town that grew up around it and south of the river in Norton.

The fort’s origin lay in the first phase of the Roman military intervention in Yorkshire. There are hints of some of earlier activity in the 70s AD, the same decade in which the legionary fortress at York was founded.

However, the first fort that can be certain of dates to the governorship of Agricola (AD77-83).

Even the name of the fort is uncertain. For many years Malton has been identified with the Latin name Derventio, though some Romanists today believe it to be Delgovicia.

The Roman Festival will be held on Sunday, July 24, from 11 am to 3.30 pm.

Entry prices for the Roman Festival will be £10 per adult and £20 per family (two adults and up to four children, 14 and under), other ticket prices and online booking via the website.

There will also be an early bird discount until July 1.

Malton Museum is also looking for sponsors for the festival.

Applications for all trade and groups wishing to attend can be found on the website www.maltonmuseum.co.uk or via email to maltonhorsepower@gmail.com

Anyone who would also like to volunteer to help at the event should email the same address.