It's finally Eurovision week and it's time to embrace all the glitter and giggles with your own ultimate Eurovision party.

While we cheer on TikTok star Sam Ryder as the UK entry for the 2022 contest, we need to create the right balance of flamboyance and fun. 

However you choose to celebrate the annual competition either from the comfort of the couch or you go all out, we have rounded up some of the best things to get you in the spirit of things. 

From flags and decorations to food and Conchita Wurst masks, here is everything you need to host the ultimate Eurovision do.

Gazette & Herald: UK Eurovision entry Sam Ryder. Credit: PAUK Eurovision entry Sam Ryder. Credit: PA

Eurovision party decorations

Nothing will quite get you into the spirit like hanging colourful bunting around the room as you tune into the contest in Turin.

With only a few days left until the final, you shouldn't delay your decorating but there's still a chance the living room can be dressed to the nines while we pray for 'douze points'.

Ebay has a range of European flags on offer featuring some of the competition's greatest contenders from Sweden to Ukraine. 

Regardless of your price range or who you're rooting for, there is bunting to help you get in the spirit of cheesy songs and plenty of sparkles. 

If you want to cheer on Space Man Sam Ryder - do it in style with 10 metres of Union Jack Big Flag Bunting.

Gazette & Herald: UK and European flags. Credit: CanvaUK and European flags. Credit: Canva

Don the house in blue, white and red for £5.99 and bring them back for the Platinum Jubilee!

Or if you're looking for something that you can use time and time again, we suggest the Luxe Gold Glitter Bunting from Party Pieces.

Light up the living room, ceiling, mantelpiece or staircase for just £11.99 via the Party Pieces website.

You can also recreate the magic of the Eurovision stage without having to get off the sofa with Rose Gold Star Confetti - but we take no responsibility for the clean up after!

Perfect to throw when your favourite wins or to just add an extra special sparkle to the evening, add it to your basket for £1.99 via the Party Pieces website.

Gazette & Herald: Conchita Wurst. Credit: PAConchita Wurst. Credit: PA

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If you're looking to dress up for the grand finale, there is only one to do - as the icon that it is the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst. 

You can buy a mask of the Austrian singer for just £1.99 via the OnBuy website to really take your Eurovision party to the next level.

Eurovision party food

Gazette & Herald: Traditional European foods by country from HelloFresh. Credit: HelloFreshTraditional European foods by country from HelloFresh. Credit: HelloFresh

It's not a party until there is a feast so lucky for us, HelloFresh has uncovered Europe’s most popular party foods for us to add to the menu.

The experts at HelloFresh have compiled a go-to list of Europe’s favourite traditional party with everything from sweet and savoury pastries to meatballs.

HelloFresh Recipe Development Manager, Mimi Morley, said: “There’s some wonderful European foods to try on this list and what better way than to share with your family and friends at a Eurovision-themed party on the 14th May!

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Gazette & Herald: (Top left clockwise) Prawn cocktail, Meatballs, Pizza. Credit: PA/Canva(Top left clockwise) Prawn cocktail, Meatballs, Pizza. Credit: PA/Canva

Ms Morley continued: “If you want to try as many of these foods as possible, then create the ultimate buffet full of finger foods such as mini pastries, pizza slices and small desserts. There are some great foods for this already on the list such as quiche, waffles, falafel and churros!

“My favourite on the list is fondue, this is perfect for placing alongside a cheese board-inspired platter with different meats, antipasti and crackers!”

Sweet and savoury pastries, came out on top being the most popular party treat in seven of the participating countries with different variations you can turn your culinary skills to.

For instance, Gata from Armenia, Fritule from Croatia and Pastel de Nata from Portugal for a sweet European dessert that your guests won't want to share.

Stuffed vine or cabbage leaves are popular in Albania, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Poland and Serbia and will make a perfect savoury side to enjoy during the contest.

HelloFresh suggests trying Poland’s Gołąbki which is made from boiled cabbage leaves wrapped around a filling of minced pork or beef, chopped onions, and rice or barley.

You can't go wrong with Italian, and since they are this year's hosts it seems only right that we sample some of their cuisine in celebration. 

HelloFresh has a mouthwatering homemade pizza recipe with vegetable and chorizo toppings you can try or you can let your guests go wild and customize their own.

Meatballs also made it high on the list as a delicious dish adored across Scandinavia and beyond.

Upgrade your Euro-buffet with this HelloFresh recipe for meatballs which are served in a bacon and onion gravy.

HelloFresh discovered the UK’s favourite traditional party food so keep your fingers crossed for Sam with this timeless dish which has stood the test of time for Britain’s party goers.

The Eurovision Song Contest Final will be broadcast at 8pm on BBC One.