THE annual Christian Aid Week takes place from May 15 - 21.

Christian Aid collections in Malton, Norton and Ryedale will take place again this year in a Covid-safe way with envelopes delivered with the address of the local collector.

A spokesperson said: " The Theme for this year is ‘Turn Hunger into Hope’. We are already experience the impacts of Climate change but for the people of the global South every day their very lives are threatened. In rural Zimbabwe seven in ten women rely on farming to make a living but the merciless drought is robbing them of the chance to provide for their families. Simple solutions like drought-resistant seeds, water taps and training enable them to grow life-saving, life-changing beans, corn, grains and much more.

" So please if you wish to contribute to Christian Aid use the envelopes delivered and if you do not receive an envelope and would like to donate, please ring 01653 691290."