PERIOD dramas which put a North Yorkshire stately home on the map as a location for TV and film are being celebrated in a new exhibition.

Castle Howard On Screen: from Brideshead to Bridgerton has been launched at the attraction, showcasing costumes from hit series with connections to the house and estate.

Gazette & Herald:

A scene from Bridgerton at Caste Howard Picture: Netflix

Among them is the 1965 Lady L, featuring Sophia Loren; The Buccaneers, from 1995; ITV’s Victoria, from 2016, and Granada’s adaptation of Brideshead Revisited in 1981.

Gazette & Herald:

David Niven & Sophia Loren at Castle Howard for the filming of Lady L (1965)

Visitors can also view two Bridgerton-inspired costumes made by costume designer Adrian Lillie, that depict Daphne and The Duke of Hastings in the outfits they wore when arriving at Clyvedon Castle, with Castle Howard as the location.

The exhibition highlights the stately home as a key venue for filming and how these projects benefit the estate, local area, and travel sector.

Gazette & Herald:

Laura Hartley, Castle Howard’s digital marketing executive, wearing a green satin evening gown based on 1820’s Regency attire. Picture: Charlotte Graham

The Estate has a significant conservation deficit, and the buildings and landscape are in a constant cycle of needing repair, restoration and upkeep.

All of the income generated from visitors and projects such as film productions and private hire events goes towards the running and upkeep.

Gazette & Herald:

A scene from Bridgerton at Caste Howard Picture: Netflix

Castle Howard’s screen appearances are also credited with bringing an increase in screen tourism to the area and diversifying the audiences that engage with heritage and culture.

Eleanor Brooke-Peat, curator of collections and archives, said: “In this brand-new exhibition, we are celebrating the many times that Castle Howard has appeared as a location on screen.

Gazette & Herald:

Eleanor Shenderey, 14, a costume-maker wearing one of her Regency-inspired costumes, at Castle Howard On Screen; from Brideshead to Bridgerton exhibition, featuring costumes worn in TV and film productions. Picture:  Charlotte Graham

"Displayed within a film set, the exhibition features a selection of beautiful costumes, worn in and inspired by some of these productions, from Brideshead Revisited to Netflix’s Bridgerton, and everything in between.

"We hope that this exhibition gives our visitors a glimpse of what it is like to play host to film crews and movie stars, and how our on-screen appearances have helped to bring international fame to this small pocket of North Yorkshire.”

Abbi Olive, head of marketing, sales and programming, added: “Castle Howard has taken a leading role in many productions since Lady L in the 1960s.

"The original Brideshead Revisited Granada TV series really put Castle Howard on the map as a location and had a huge impact.

"Castle Howard became recognisable across the globe as a result and to this day, visitors still come to ‘Brideshead’ and have a strong connection with that series.

"In a way, we were the original screen tourism destination. In more recent years, taking part in film and TV productions had a double benefit.

"The income generated from filming companies using our site as a location has gone directly into the conservation and restoration of Castle Howard, but also being part of hit productions such as Netflix’s Bridgerton exposes Castle Howard to a new audience, who are now visiting to see Clyvedon Castle, The Duke Of Hasting’s home.”

After the challenges of the pandemic, the team at Castle Howard is hoping 2022 will be more predictable and settled after enjoying a strong Easter.

The exhibition is included in a House ticket and runs until the end of October.