The Mount Junior School Curriculum is tailored to young girls and the way in which they naturally learn. A bespoke curriculum is taught through a carefully balanced combination of specialist teaching and creative thinking.  

For girls in Junior School the afternoons are handed over to the ‘Creative Curriculum’, known as ‘Explore, Discover, Create’ (EDC). This covers the traditional subjects of history, geography, science, art, design technology and music, but taught in a thematic way. Miss Wilson, the Junior School’s EDC Curriculum specialist, explains more about her lessons and how they benefit our young girls. 

Gazette & Herald: Young girls are naturally curious, they learn by asking questionsYoung girls are naturally curious, they learn by asking questions

“The Creative Curriculum is all about creative thinking. Exploring, discovering and creating with your mind, thinking, questioning, and experimenting. It is about encouraging the girls to think outside the box, giving them opportunities to develop and express themselves, and their ideas, in new ways.

“In fact, we don’t just encourage girls to think outside the box, we encourage them to destroy the box!  

“Young girls are naturally curious, they learn by asking questions. It is our responsibility to encourage their inquisitive minds, to allow them to ask their questions and not to be afraid to not know the answer or make mistakes. 

“The Creative Curriculum gives girls the opportunity to explore their imagination, to experiment, take risks, and then to reflect and discover their own conclusions. 

"We are very proud to say that Mount girls are curious, creative and bold thinkers. 

Gazette & Herald: “I think girls at The Mount get the best of everything"“I think girls at The Mount get the best of everything"

“One of the biggest challenges facing parents and teachers, is raising our girls to live and work in a world that is going to be very different to the one we live in; their future landscape is ever changing. 

“Whilst the exact nature of the girls’ future lives and careers is hard to predict, our Creative Curriculum is designed to focus on developing these 21st Century skills – using your imagination, problem solving, independent thinking, learning from your mistakes and digital literacy. 

“Through the Creative Curriculum we equip our girls with the knowledge, skills and capabilities they will need to be creative and engaged in a rapidly changing world.  

The skills learnt through the Creative Curriculum are complimented by the confidence our girls gain in our empowering all-girls environment and the values taught through our Quaker Ethos. 

“Girls grow into grounded, compassionate, confident, and self-aware young women ready to take on any pursuit they put their mind to. They are prepared to succeed and contribute to our complex and changing world. 
“I think girls at The Mount get the best of everything! The variety from the Creative Curriculum combined with the structure of their morning literacy and numeracy lessons and adventures beyond the classroom through activities, outdoor education and trips, provides Mount girls with everything they need to keep them engaged, eager and excited to learn more!” 

To find out more about The Mount Junior School’s Creative Curriculum visit their upcoming Open Doors, Saturday, January 29, 10am-12pm visit to register.