Ryedale's MP has said it was clearly wrong for a drinks party to be held in Downing Street during the covid lockdown last year.

Kevin Hollinrake MP for Thirsk and Malton also said it was right for the Prime Minister to apologise and take responsibility.

He said: "It was clearly wrong that during periods of restrictions on social meetings any drinks events were held in the garden of No.10 Downing Street. The Prime Minister was right to apologise and take responsibility for this and for his attendance. I think we should now wait for the formal report by senior civil servant, Sue Gray, to understand the extent."

Mr Johnson apologised at Prime Minister's Questions today for attending the 'bring your own booze' event, and acknowledged the public's 'rage'. But he continued to insist he thought it was within the rules.

He told MPs he went to the gathering to 'thank groups of staff', adding that he 'believed implicitly that this was a work event'.

York Central's Labour MP Rachael Maskell said: “When people made huge sacrifices, suffered separation and loss, Downing Street was throbbing with parties," she said.

"Any leader would instantaneously accept responsibility, however Boris Johnson ...believes he is above the law and has instead obfuscated, lied and laughed at the British people. At PMQs he showed no remorse.

“The failure to manage the pandemic has left over 150,000 people dead and a near 15 million infected with Covid19. He has let Covid19 rip through our communities, so he can justify his lifestyle, rather than keeping us safe. He has no integrity or moral authority and must immediately resign.”

Julian Sturdy, the Conservative MP for York Outer, was also critical of Mr Johnson.

"The recent revelations about the party in the garden of Number 10 on May 20, 2020, are deeply disturbing and further undermine public confidence in the judgment of the Prime Minister, who must take full responsibility," he said.

"The Prime Minister came to the House of Commons, admitted his involvement in the party and apologised. The events of that day will be the subject of an independent investigation.

"Whilst the investigation will decide if any rules were broken, it is already clear the Prime Minister’s assertion that this was a work-related event will not wash with the British public.

"At a time when people were not allowed to attend the funeral of loved ones or comfort dying relatives, when fines were being issued for people meeting for a coffee in the park, Downing Street should not have been holding social events.

"I share the frustration and disappointment of the many constituents who have contacted me over this and I will make this known."

ministerial code. I hope the report will be made available in full in the very near future.

"There is a requirement within the code that any significant breach would necessitate the tendering of a resignation and this of course would also apply to the Prime Minister."