Tonight's (Thursday) full meeting of Ryedale District Council was cancelled due to concerns over the new covid variant.

Di Keal, Chair of Policy and Resources Committee at Ryedale House said: “There was no alternative to postponing this evenings Full Council meeting, which will be rescheduled in the new year, when all the matters on the agenda will be discussed.

“We have a number of members of council who are have serious health vulnerabilities, including members of the Tory group who oppose this decision, as well as others who have family members with underlying conditions. In view of the uncertainties around the new variant of Covid 19 and the fact that Ryedale still has the highest rates in North Yorkshire, it would have been wholly wrong to proceed with a face to face meeting.

“In addition, if the meeting had gone ahead and a significant number of members felt unable to attend due to health concerns, we would in fact be disenfranchising and discriminating against them by denying them a vote on key issues on the council agenda, which is just not democratic."

A spokesperson for Ryedale District Council said: “The Chair of Ryedale District Council has taken the decision to cancel tonight’s full council meeting due to member concerns regarding the new COVID variant and COVID rates in Ryedale. This is due to some Elected Members being classed as vulnerable. The meeting will be rescheduled.


“At present we are not aware of any confirmed cases of the new variant in the district, but we believe it is prudent to minimise the risk wherever possible. Alongside the measures introduced by Government this week, there are things we all can and should do to help to reduce the spread of any variant of COVID-19, including regular hand washing and sanitising and, most importantly, coming forward for our vaccinations and booster jabs.”