Is there somethin' strange in your neighbourhood and you're looking to play Ghostbuster this Halloween?

Then you'll need this handy paranormal activity map on hand from Psychic World.

Their in-house experts have examined paranormal activity across the UK, looking for the country's most haunted hotspots. 

Their research revealed that there have been 12,157 known paranormal sightings with 790 of those sightings being in Yorkshire.

Gazette & Herald: Paranormal map. Credit: Psychic WorldParanormal map. Credit: Psychic World


The county came in 303% higher than the national average which is no surprise with York being the first city to host ghost walks in Europe.

Home of the Red Lady and the High Gate Vampire, Greater London came in at second place with 685 reported sightings.

While Lancashire, famous for witches and shapeshifters, scooped the third spot with 529 sightings.

At the bottom of the list, Rutland has the weakest signs of paranormal presence with only 6 occasions reported.

What is paranormal activity?

Psychic World defines paranormal activity as anything from haunting manifestations to faires and phantom animals.

The UK tends to experience haunting manifestations the most which include spirits and poltergeists.

These manifestations actually account for 59% of the UK's total reported sightings.

There have been 526 reported cases of phantom horses and riders, while sightings of mythical creatures like Bigfoot have been recorded 443 times. 

The UK has seen 366 reported sightings of headless ghosts and the infamous white woman has been spotted 347 times.

Here are the most haunted hot spots in the UK for you to visit (or avoid) this Halloween.

The top 20 most haunted places in the UK


  1. Yorkshire
  2. Greater London
  3. Lancashire
  4. Essex
  5. Sussex
  6. Dorset
  7. Devon
  8. Suffolk
  9. Somerset
  10. Norfolk
  11. Wiltshire
  12. Cornwall
  13. Kent
  14. Derbyshire
  15. Nottinghamshire
  16. Lincolnshire
  17. Hampshire
  18. Cumbria 
  19. Highland 
  20. Cheshire