A centuries-old village pub will be closed for several days at least after a fire broke out in the early hours this morning.

Brian Rey and Elaine Howden of the Ship Inn at Aldborough, near Boroughbridge, were woken at about 2am by a carbon monoxide detector.

Brian got up and opened the door of the couple's bedroom above the pub. "And my goodness, I couldn't see six inches!", he said. "The smoke was that thick."

He and Elaine were able to get out of the pub, and the fire brigade was called.

Firefighters used water jets and breathing breathing to tackle the flames.

They believe the fire, in the kitchen, may have originated from a tumble dryer - though Brian insists it was switched off before he and Elaine went to bed.

The historic building dates back to 1340, Brian says.

The main listed building itself was not damaged, but there is damage 'behind the scenes' in the kitchen, he said.

"We're not gong to be able to open for the next 3-4 days," Brian said.

"We have lost all out food stores, because there was no electricity. There's no gas, no anything, and water 2-3 inches deep. But at least we're both OK."