Kirkbymoorside Tennis Club has officially opened its new club house following a delay due to the pandemic.

The project to upgrade the building started around four years ago but was only recently completed due to covid restrictions.

The new club house was officially opened by Liz Davison – the widow of Alan Davison who was the original driving force behind Kirkbymoorside Tennis Club – who cut the tape.

A spokesperson for Kirkbymoorside Tennis Club, said: "The opening has been delayed due to the pandemic, but it has been worth the wait as this new club house has provided the club with much improved facilities for everyone.

"Not only does the club now have a larger hut, the hut now has running water, kitchen facilities and a toilet – something that the old hut, or garden shed as it was often referred to, lacked.

"This will have a huge impact in attracting new members in the future."

The spokesperson added: "Kirkbymoorside Foundation, Kirkbymoorside Fruitpickers, Kirkbymoorside Town Council and the LTA all made the new club house possible by understanding the clubs need for improved facilities and thus providing grants and generous funding.

"The club would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in the project." To celebrate the occasion the club held an open day with food, fun tennis games and the grand opening of the club house.

The spokesperson added: "The day was an opportunity for members, potential new members, those who worked on the club house and those who donated to the club house to finally get together to see the finished product.

"President of the club Chris Parker, Chairman Stuart Temple and the committee members were all on hand to welcome everyone to the courts on a very sunny Saturday afternoon. "With Emma Radacanu’s recent success at the US open and tennis making headlines, there is now hope that the club can continue to grow more members, and the new and improved facilities at the club house will certainly allow for this growth." For further details about Kirkbymoorside Tennis Club visit the website or email