JAYSON CAVILL was this year's big winner at the annual Pickering Running Club championships in Dalby Forest.

On the six-and-a-half mile route up Heckdale and down to Seivedale, Cavill was first home in 41 minutes and 52 seconds.

There were nearly 50 runners competing for age-category trophies, which were handed out in the evening sunshine.

Just two days after, five runners completed the Yorkshire Wolds half-marathon. Starting above Bishop Wilton, the figure-of-eight route features over 1,100 feet of climbing.

The runners were Doug Lacey (fifth in category and 28th overall, 1 hour 53), Serena Partridge (first PRC lady back, 2.24), Lizzy Wise (2.30), Nicola Wise (2.38) and Dean Wise (3.30).

Meanwhile, the club's Simon Jones opted for the 50k option on the 100k Yorkshire Challenge because of the heat on the day.

This was still no mean feat, with over 3,200 feet of elevation on the scenic route around Nidderdale.

Jones finished in 6.44.

l PRC championship results: Jayson Cavill 41:52, Ben Myers 43:08, Phil Smith 43:54, Doug Lacey (first M40) 45:41, Kelly Gaughan (first female and new club record) 46:31, Paul Robinson (first M60) 47:34, Paul Smith 49:07, Andy Harvey (first M50) 49:40, James Houlston 50:00, Mike Wilson 50:38, Rich Johnson 50:40, Matt Dunn 50:46, Kirsty Brown 50:56, Andrew Bates 52:02, Simon Tyrell 52:51, Rachael Harper (first F35) 53:02, Michael Hetherton 53:06 (first M70), Rachel Morley 53:22, Ruth Kaftirani 54:16, Lynn Humpleby 56:23, Serena Partridge 57:43, Sue Slack (first F60) 57:49, Paul Tate-Smith 57:55, Derek Walker 59:02, Nick Cousins 1.00:03, David Stephenson 1.00:27, Lizzy Wise 1.02:49, Shirley Tyrell 1.03:24, Amanda Welburn-Smith 1.03:59, Kim Cavill 1.03:59, Tess Roebuck (first F50) 1.04:51, Nicola Wise 1.05:16, Rebecca Bruce 1.07:12, Alice Hayter 1.08:11, Sally Brown 1.08:20, Mike Punchard 1.08:49, Kay Stevens 1.13:36, Dean Wise 1.17:00.

The marshals and sweep were Chris and Dotty Adams, Clare Mawrey, Heather Farrow and Shawn Imeson.