A Ryedale conpany has told employees "not to worry about coming in" on Monday as the country prepares for a historic championship match.

The England v Italy final on Sunday marks the first time England has ever made it to a UEFA European Football Championship final.

It is also 55 years since since England made it to the final of a major tournament.

And, to mark what could be a legendary day in football history, some employers have given staff a very important task: 'Enjoy the match'.

Unity Lime Products Ltd, near Terrington, said: "In support of our staff and England reaching the final, the directors at Unity Lime have given the staff a day off on Monday to allow them to fully get behind the team."

Britcab, based at Moor Lane Industrial Estate, in York, sent a memo out to its team to say "portable cabins can wait for a day".

The company said: "We will be closing our depots on Monday and telling our 50 staff members not to worry about coming in.

"We don’t want our employees worrying about getting to work, the morning after a once in a lifetime Cup Final on home soil. Portable cabins can wait for a day."

In another announcement, Dragonfly Consulting in Escrick said: "Due to England playing a very important game of football on Sunday evening our offices will not open until 10.30am on Monday morning. Enjoy the match and let's just hope 'it's coming home'."


While snooker, boxing and darts MC Phil Seymour said the The Seymour York Consultancy will be out of office on Monday - somewhat ironically.

He said: "I’ve decided to give all the employees of The Seymour York Consultancy Ltd the day off on Monday, to celebrate England winning #EURO2020 , or to drown their sorrows if we don’t! To be fair, I’m the only employee, but happy days anyway."


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