NORTON motorbike racer Lane Tildesley has made a strong start to the Summer Series Flat Track and sits second in the table after three meetings.

Lane made a consistent start to the six-race competition with 18-point finishes in April and May before coming up against a strong, experienced field in his most recent meeting on Sunday (June 6).

Despite a couple of bad starts, Lane is still right up there, having picked up 16 points at the weekend.

Visibility also proved an issue in the final race. On a wet track, he could be seen wiping away dirt from his goggles and dad Stuart advised that he ease up for safety’s sake.

Alfie Croft from Derbyshire tops the leaderboard with 58 points from the three meetings.

Meetings comprise four races and a class final which determines where riders finish in their class that day. Every race has points which go towards the championship.

Lane is next in action on July 25.