A COUNCIL is looking to improve the main roundabout in Pickering – and they need your help.

Pickering Town Council is inviting residents to submit any designs or ideas they may have on how the council can achieve this.

The council is responsible for maintaining a number of open spaces around Pickering, as well as making sure the town is well maintained for both the residents and visitors.

The roundabout sits on the crossroads of both the A170 and A169, with Highway signage on all four entrances and exits to the town.

According to the brief: “The new design or idea would need to create an attractive central focal point at the entrance to the town.

“It would need to appeal to both year-round residents and visitors to the town.

“There is a main central light column and CCTV camera and a metal pole that supports the Christmas lights. All these will have to remain in place and any design or idea will either have to incorporate these features or work around them.

“The design or idea would need to create a statement without impacting on the visibility of the highway and would need to be low or zero maintenance as it is very difficult to access the roundabout safely.”

Residents have got until the deadline of Saturday, July 31 to send in their suggestions.

Angela Dawson, town clerk at Pickering Town Council, said: “The town council is inviting residents to submit their ideas or even their own design to help the council improve the roundabout.

“We want imaginative ideas that will make the roundabout into an attractive focal point for the town, but we need to work with the existing signage, and of course we need to make sure that we don’t restrict visibility for drivers.

“We also need to come up with a design that will be low maintenance and long lasting.”

Please send suggestions to Pickering Town Council office at the Memorial Hall or email townclerk@pickering.gov.uk.