Ryedale Croquet Club is looking for members as it opens up for the new season.

The club, based at Ryedale Sports & Social Club on Thornton Road, Pickering, currently plays both Association and Golf Croquet on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

Social Distancing measures are in place and all equipment is sanitised before play so there is minimal contact with any equipment.

A spokesperson for the club said: "We look forward to welcoming existing members and we are always pleased to receive new members, of any age or experience. Free tuition and equipment is available for all beginners so you will only need a pair of soft soled shoes.

"For those thinking of taking up croquet here is a brief outline of the game and it’s benefits. Croquet is an enjoyable, sociable game that can be played by people of any age and of either sex.

"Croquet is a thoughtful and tactical game, generally played at a leisurely pace, but one that will give you plenty of fresh air and exercise. You can walk quite a long way during a game of croquet, but there are also frequent periods of sitting, watching and relaxed conversation.

"Current membership is quite small - we need more members! - and made up of a cross section of society. Croquet isn’t only played by ‘posh’ people."

For further details contact David Wilson on 01653 692207 email, dwilsongp@yahoo.co.uk or Vic Worrall on 01751 269256 or vic.worrall@gmail.com